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The following is a selection of mobile focused projects across, including the home page, navigation, and subscription experience.

After the recent success of the new WSJ iOS App, the content card system was introduced to the mobile Home Page. The new system features individual cards that represent each of the different WSJ content types, which include breaking news, opinion, live coverage, interactive features, daily news and more. The cards can be arranged in the feed in any order depending on the editorial direction and news cycle. Packages of cards can also be created to visually link related or evolving stories. Each card contains a number of standard elements including a flashline, headline, timestamp, and variables for images, video, and charts. Mobile Home Page Mobile Home Page
WSJ Mobile Card System WSJ Mobile Card System

With a large number of sections and sub-sections, the project aimed to simplify the mobile navigation on This saw the introduction of a streamlined framework that made navigating to different sections easier and more intuitive on mobile devices. In addition to the sections, the navigation also includes an improved search, profile, and sign-in experience. Mobile Navigation Mobile Navigation

As part of a broader subscription project, the mobile experience for new subscribers was completely re-imagined. The outcome greatly simplifies the subscription flow and enables a user to become a WSJ member in just three short steps. As part of this project, a comprehensive set of components including form patterns, buttons, animations and visual components was developed. The library is now leveraged across all WSJ products and enables a modular approach to building interfaces that require comprehensive data and user input. The subscription project alone resulted in substantial growth and increase in conversions for the Journal. Mobile Subscription Mobile Subscription is built and is maintained by large and incredible team, however for the projects featured, Thomas worked closely with Cory Etzkorn, Che Douglas, Katharine Bailey, Fernando Turch, Brian Feeney, Bonnie Jarvie, Jessica Gutchess, Delia Casa and Neesha Patel.

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